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MASWM Fall Meeting 2017

The Fall 2017 MASWM Meeting will be Oct. 2, 3 and 4 at the Stone Castle Hotel and Conference Center in Branson.

Monday, Oct. 2, will include a working Board luncheon followed by an afternoon Board meeting. Tuesday will include several training sessions and the association meeting will be Wednesday morning, Oct. 4.

Oct. 3 Training

The training includes Helen Applewaith, the Washington DC Department of Labor Branch, chief of 14(c) & other Labor Services.

There will also be a panel discussion made up of managers from around the state who have been audited by DOL. The focus will be on enforcement discrepancies around the state of Missouri. What seems to be OK in one area of the state may be written up in another part of the state. Having a decision-maker from DOL will provide members with someone who has the authority to make decisions and tell us first hand what is OK and what is not OK.

Standardized forms will be another topic of discussion during the morning session.

In the afternoon, we will have an update from our A team Missouri Guru, Tracy Gritsenko, on our Missouri Day on the Hill 2017 as well as future plans in DC.

One other topic of discussion in the afternoon will include a statewide Health Insurance plan. Rates for many shops have seen annual increases of 30% per year. If there is interest, a state plan could help give us the negotiating power to cut our health insurance premiums significantly. This will be a great meeting, so MASWM leaders are hopeful we have a turnout similar to last year.

You can learn more about the meeting, lodging and registration with this PDF.

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