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VR Counseling Needed for New Employees

All managers should be aware of upcoming career counseling sessions for all new hires.

Within the next few weeks, a representative from Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation will contact each workshop to set up a time to conduct the required career counseling as set forth by the new WIOA regulations which went into effect last year.

Any new hires (since December 2016) who are or will be earning a sub-minimum wage, are required to participate in this career counseling.

Managers are asked to work with their VR representative to try and schedule a time that works for everyone. It is very important that all of your employees who need this training be in attendance, so that a second visit is not required.

Attached is a letter that VR has generated, which you can share with your employees and their families. Please let contact President Bruce Young if you have any questions or concerns (; 573-808-1997)

MASWM The Missouri Association of Sheltered Workshop Managers
If you have questions, please contact: President Aaron Martin – (816) 796-7070 or;
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