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Sedalia Workshop To Close in June

Cooperative Workshops, Inc., in Sedalia was Missouri's first workshop when it opened in 1966. The shop will close its doors June 30 as the organization focuses on community employment.
The Center for Human Services in Sedalia will close its sheltered workshop this summer and focus on community employment.

Editor Nicole Cooke of the “Sedalia Democrat” outlined the process in a recent article.

Originally operating as Cooperative Workshops, Inc., the organization opened Missouri’s first sheltered workshop in 1966 to give individuals with disabilities a place of employment. Over the years, contracts have included filling shampoo bottles for Adco, sewing aprons for the U.S. Navy, first aid kits for the U.S. General Services Administration and assembly line work for local companies.

Over the past five years, the parent organization, Center for Human Services, has established successful community employment placement. CHS also provides a variety of services including employment, community living, child and family development, and case management for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in 36 Missouri counties.

The CHS Board of Directors voted to close the sheltered workshop June 30. Employees and their families along with CHS staff were notified in late February.

The article indicated that with community placement, only 15 people remained in the workshop and five of those are currently seeking employment in the community. The remaining 10 workers will be offered CHS services to either obtain community employment or find other options.

For more information about CHS employment services, contact Kim Anderson at 660­826-4400, ext. 338, or kanderson@chs­

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