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Dignified and meaningful employment
for people with disabilities

The MASWM-MESA Board of Directors recently met in Columbia to discuss a wide range of issues facing Missouri’s workshops and their more than 6,000 employees with disabilities. The volunteer board has moved to a monthly meeting schedule to better address challenges facing workshop managers statewide.

Association Directors Increase Meeting Workload To Deal with Growing Challenge

The MASWM-MESA Board of Directors held one of its first extra meetings recently to better keep up with the increasing challenges faced by workshops and workshop managers.

Meeting in the offices of Central Missouri Subcontracting Enterprises in Columbia, the group discussed topics from training to legislative issues and the Sheltered Workshops Insurance of Missouri (SWIM).

The officers, who are all volunteers, have scheduled monthly meetings and conference calls to stay current with the growing number of issues facing workshps such as WIOA, 14(c) regulations and even the changing nature of disabilities that workshop employees face. This meeting was fairly typical of the workload: although it was scheduled from 9 a.m. to noon, board members worked well into the afternoon in order to complete most of the agenda.

Not all of the discussions involved workshop challenges. The directors noted that through the efforts of MASWM and MESA, the Missouri legislature dramatically increased the allocation for workshops statewide.

More information on board members is available on this page.

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