Bob McCorkendale (right) recently retired as the first and so far only director of Ideal Industries in Richmond. McCorkendale said he will miss every employee because he considers him or her family. With him is Frank Hill, who has worked at the shop since 1982. (Photo by Leah Wankum/Richmond News.)

Longtime Manager Retires in Richmond

Bob McCorkendale has retired after more than 38 years as manager of Ideal Industries in Richmond.

The event was well-documented in the Richmond News by Editor Lea Wankum, “An Ideal bond, legacy to come to an end.”

McCorkendale began working for Ideal Industries when the shop opened with just eight employees in 1980. Today, the shop employs nearly 100 people. Even with that growth, McCorkendale still sees each worker as a family member. His last day as director is Feb. 27.

Bob has definitely set a style. He consistently kept an open door to his office and the workshop employees enjoy the frequent activities, as much as their valuable work.

The article noted that McCorkendale worries about the future impact that politicians could have on the operations of the shop. “They want what we want, but they want to go about it differently,” he’s quoted as saying. “We want everybody here to learn, to train, to be able to go out and get a good job at another business of their choice. The government wants to force them out to do that, and sometimes they fail at that because they’re not trained for the job. And then they fall back in here and that kind of hurts them, and I don't like to see that.”

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