Web-Co Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Web-Co Custom Industries in Marshfield celebrated its 40th anniversary during 2017.

Web-Co was recognized by Governor Greitens with a proclamation recognizing the anniversary. The shop was also recognized by State Senator Mike Cunningham with a declaration from the Missouri Senate and additionally recognized by Representatives Mike Kelly and Lyndall Fraker with a declaration from the Missouri House of Representatives.

Many dignitaries helped celebrate this occasion. Senator Blunt’s office was represented by Dan Wadlington, and Senator McCaskill’s office was represented by David Stokely. Marshfield Mayor Robert Williams, City Administrator John Benson and Assistant Administrator Sam Rost represented the City of Marshfield. Paul Ipock, Presiding County Commissioner and Danielle Boggs, Public Administrator, represented Webster County. Sigel Owens and many of his Board members represented SB40. Clay McGranahan and his staff represented WC partners. Dan Gier and Nate Talken represented DESE.

Many past board members were also present, along with past director Bonnie Bellingroehr and past manager Dick Rader. Many local business owners also came out to show their support and join with Web-Co in the celebration. Many of the parents, guardians and family member also came to celebrate and share the day.

The celebration started with a plant tour, highlighting the different production areas showing the various ways they produce finished products for their customers and the large amount of space used for warehousing components. The tour was capped off with the recycling department and the capabilities and service offered to the community.

A group of three Marshfield High School seniors volunteered to produce a video about Web-Co Custom Industries and the people who work there. The video was shown after the tour, and Web-Co praised the seniors’ efforts and the production as amazing (The video can be viewed on their Facebook page.).

Representatives Fraker and Kelly were the speakers for the event and introduced the dignitaries and Senator Cunningham.

Lunch was grilled by Mike Daniels and Mark Mikkelsen and served by the Board of Directors. This was shared with all of the employees of Web-Co, as parents and guests continued to arrive during the afternoon. There were multiple plant tours given throughout the afternoon highlighting the shop.

Price Cutter generously sponsored the luncheon.

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