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VR Test Run Leads to Workshop Success

This article was first published in the January 2017 MASWM newsletter. You may download the entire newsletter PDF.
Several members from Missouri's Vocational Rehabilitation office tested their new group approach to help Missouri's sheltered workshops comply with Section 511 of WIOA in early November.

The test run was held at the Moberly workshop, Randolph County Sheltered Industries, where about 40 employees participated. Each group session with about 20 or so employees took about 30 minutes, which included time for questions and answers. The staff at VR believe that they can do the same thing around the state with groups of 30 or more.

MASWM President Bruce Young was extremely pleased to say that this new group system was a complete success. Special thanks went to Kim Gee and Tim Gaines from VR, along with Bob Simpson from UMC's Hook Center. Workshop Manager Kit Brewer and his staff were also outstanding.

According to VR, this was one of the first group sessions in the nation set up to comply with Section 511. Also instrumental in the effort were several other managers who helped VR/Hook Center with the final edit of the video and script for this new system.

VR is contacting shops around the state within the next few weeks to set up appointments for employees hired after July 22, 2016. Employees who were already working or hired before July 22 will be met with in May/June 2017.             

Missouri is on its way to being one of the first states in the nation to fully comply with Section 511 of WIOA.

Former legislative chair Randy Hylton was among those helping to make the program a reality. Others included Mike Stroud and Eric Giebler.

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