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Dignified and meaningful employment
for people with disabilities


MASWM Keeping Busy This Summer – Even with summer vacations, members are staying active with district and board meetings, along with plans for the annual October conference.

Employee Enthusiasm, These Workshops Have It! – A recent study by a college group found two workshops are positive examples for every organization.

For This Manager, It's All in the Family! – Laura Giebler may be one of Missouri's youngest managers, but she's been involved with workshops nearly all of her life.

District 8 Holds Area Meeting, Plans Another! – Managers in District 8 continue to set the pace for sharing ideas and information.

Boonslick Earns Recycling Honors – The Boonville workshop has been selected as the Ripple Glass Recycling Program Of The Year for 2019.

Workshop Merger Brings More, Not Less – The cooperation of two Southwest Missouri shops is a case of more, not less.

Missouri Workshops Emphasize Choice
And Opportunity for People with Disabilities

The Missouri Association of Sheltered Workshop Managers is dedicated to enhancing Missouri's extended employment sheltered workshops, programs for the people we serve and the business services we provide.

Founded by parents and others deeply concerned with the wellbeing and opportunities available for Missourians with disabilities, the association is a leader in the field of disability awareness through education, advocacy and creation of opportunities for people with disabilities.

Workshops were founded by parents and others concerned with safe and sustainable opportunities for adult children with disabilities. Their drive to maximize real-world choice and involvement continues today.

Many of Missouri's workshops operate robust community programs, both for employment opportunities and to increase involvement. Work skills, socializing and other learning are important, along with a sense of contributing to the community.

Businesses nationwide utilize Missouri's workshop services for businesses that range from packaging to custom assembly. Many of Missouri's workshops are the proud custodians of highway rest areas, operate recycling programs, retail shops and other visible efforts that improve their communities and the state of Missouri. Still other workshops manufacture their own original products, helping expand the business opportunities that in turn provide a majority of workshop funding.

MASWM proudly supports our friends, the Dignity Has A Voice campaign and A Team Missouri.

Dignity Has A Voice, powered by the self-advocacy organization A Team Missouri, was created to tell the real story of people with the most significant disabilities and their families, who choose employment in sheltered workshops. 
Please visit to learn more.

MASWM The Missouri Association of Sheltered Workshop Managers
If you have questions, please contact: President Aaron Martin – (816) 796-7070 or;
or Legislative Co-Chairs: Kit Brewer – (660) 263-6202 or
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